Aerial Work Platforms

Genie® AWP™ and IWP™ push-around lifts are compact and easy to use, making them the first choice for a wide range of applications. One person can easily set them up and get to work at height within minutes. The AC or DC self-propelled lifting function allows for work in almost any access application, whether on-site power is available or not. Both AWP and IWP lifts are ideal for work in light-floor-load areas such as hospitals, schools, gymnasiums and theatres. The AWP models are lighter, more suitable to be carried in vans and to work on sensitive floors, ideal for industrial maintenance, HVAC installation and shopping centres. They're equipped with 4 stabilisers for increased reliability while working at height. The IWP models feature no stabilisers and a heavier weight, allowing for a very compact size, convenient to use in congested job sites.